Our teacher, Maestro Jose Manuel Estrada


​Year 2000, South Pasadena, Ca.

With son Manolo and daughter Iris.

1972, St. Louis, Missouri. 

One year married. 

                   NEGOTIATING MY WAY

​My first play was produced in New York City when I was eighteen, a one-act adaptation of a story by Chekhov. My next, a two-act comedy entitled "Hands-On Therapy," found its way to the stage when I was fifty-four. Blooming late, some would say. I came to think of it as waiting my turn in line.

In the interim, I got married, helped raise a family, worked as a Chiropractor, taught yoga and meditation. I also learned to listen to stories, the ones in my heart and those walking through the door.

When I married my partner for life, Anita Montero Roig, in Mexico City, her beloved homeland became my adoptive one.  “Como México no hay dos—Mexico is one of a kind.” So began another kind of research, a rambunctious education that has played out across North and South America these past four decades. 

Through it all, I never stopped writing, and now I am back to it full-time. My efforts focus primarily on bicultural themes.  The last five—three plays and two screenplays—are also bilingual in format, mostly in Spanish with English subtitles. I write in the hope my audiences might find temporary relief from whatever happens to weigh on them. It could come via a smile of recognition when a character reacts, or the simple curiosity to know what happens next. Ideally, a certain understanding will arise that affords a new way of seeing something old; a fugitive glimpse of truth, or even of the ineffable itself.

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