"Toby did a wonderful job of helping to turn interview transcripts into readable narratives. His playwright's attunement to voice was invaluable in finding the gems in some pretty rough heaps of stones!  He was willing to listen and ask questions, helping me to get to what was true." - H.B., non-fiction book to appear in 2014

"Thank you, Toby, for your diligence and insight.  Your editing skills helped me to change my focus and step out of what had become a frustration.  I now have a very clear vision of my book's mission. The book is fast becoming a finished product."  - Carol Atkinson, Wonders in the Wilderness (2012)
- Rates available upon request - 

Toby always believes there's a greater potential in me, and he's always calling me to get to work and find it. He trusts the creative process and the artist whose uniqueness is called to shine."
​ ​
- John S., playwright, 2013-14

Editing Services

For fiction and non-fiction, I offer copy editing only, as opposed to line editing. This is done in close collaboration with the author. Together, we address the vital questions that determine the essence of the work--vision, audience, voice, structure, personal relationship to the material, etc. During the journey, some of these parameters inevitably change as the book and the author's own process become organically connected. Interestingly, what goes into the developing book is often less important than what needs to be taken out. 

For playwrights and screenwriters
, the questions are much the same, but the journey tends to be even more interactive, ideally face-to-face. In my experience, the old chestnut is forever new and true: scripts are not written, they are rewritten.