​​​​​​​                 ​      WRITING CREDITS



¡Barahúnda! El Gran Levantamiento de los Animales, 2022, a comedy-with-a-message in one act, in Spanish, soon to be translated to English. Twelves creatures give notice to the two-legged that things are untenable, and it's time to part ways. But how to do this, since none of them speak Human? Just ask the monkeys! 

Gabo en Bellas Artes, 2018-2021, obra de teatro en español. Gabriel García Márquez escribió en uno de sus cuentos, “Soñé que asistí a mi propio entierro. I dreamt that I attended my own funeral.” En esta obra aquel sueño se vuelve realidad, creando momentos de reflexión sobre las creaciones y relaciones del Nobel en el contexto de un viaje sin retorno. Accepted for a full production, under a different title, by La Fundación Bilingüe de las Artes de Los Angeles (BFA) in its 2022-23 season, in collaboration with Margarita Galban y Lina Montalvo.

Unspoken Stories, 2020-21, a multimedia presentation of immigrant stories; in collaboration with Pablo Mayor, Anna Povich Mayor, Germán Jaramillo, Daniel Fetecua; performances to be held at Pocantico, Tarrytown, NY; sponsored by City of Tarrytown, funded by The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

The Karaoke Chronicles, 2019-21, comedy with music, in development, in collaboration with theatres in California and New York. 

Cumbia De Mi Corazon, 2010/2019, a comedy in Spanish with music; first play of the Latin American trilogy ENTRE DOS MUNDOS; originally produced by C. Raul Espinosa, at The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, L.A., directed by Germán Jaramillo. A revised version opened at iD Studio Theater in the Bronx, NY, 2019, co-directed by Juanita Lara and Germán Jaramillo. Nominated for three Latin ACE Awards (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de NY), 2019:
- MEJOR PRODUCCION, Musical: iD Studio Theater
- ELENCO DEL AÑO, Musical: iD Studio Theater
- MEJOR ACTOR, Musical: Daniel Fetecua

Pedro Infante, Cien Años Pienso en Ti, 2017-18; a re-imagining of the second play of the Latin American trilogy; the story of a grandmother living in the U.S., who needs help to return to her beloved Mexico; iD Studio Theatre, Bronx, NY; directed by Germán Jaramillo. Winner of three Latin ACE Awards (Asociación de Cronistas de Espectáculos de NY), 2018:
- MEJOR PRODUCCION, Musical: iD Studio Theater
- MEJOR ACTRÍZ, Musical: Juanita Lara
- MEJOR ACTOR, Musical: Sebastián Beltrán

Arsenio, 2016-21, the third play of the Latin American trilogy ENTRE DOS MUNDOS; a comedy that celebrates Afro-Cuban music and one of its greatest figures, Arsenio Rodriguez; developed in conjunction with Germán Jaramillo. Slated for production in New York City by I.D. Studio Theatre when pandemic subsides.


Pedro Infante y La Suegra Triunfante, 2012-15, the original version of the second play of the Latin American trilogy;  a comedy in Spanish with music; premiered by The Bilingual Foundation of the Arts, L.A. (BFA) directed by Denise Blasor, 2012, in L.A.; Whittier, CA.; Carpinteria, CA.   Produced by Teatro de las Americas, Oxnard, CA in 2014 & 2015, with Robert Sanchez directing. A screenplay based on the play was released by Netflix in December, 2019 under the title "Como Caído del Cielo."


Hands-On Therapy, 2008.  Produced at The Secret Rose Theatre, North Hollywood; producer C. Raul Espinoza; directed by Edward Padilla. The play was developed at the BFA, Los Angeles.


The Doctors Chekhov, 2004-06; developed by the Antaeus Classical Theatre, North Hollywood,CA, 2005/6, with directors Lisa James and ChristopherHart.  Presented in ClassicsFest, 2006, at the Antaeus.


The Queen and The Bishop, winner 2004 Writing Award, Kumu Kahua Theatre, Honolulu; workshop production, Whittier College; directed by Linda Dangcil.


Felicidad, Inc., 1992, workshop production as part of Latino Theatre Festival, Ford-Anson Theatre, 2005.  Previously workshop’d at the B.F.A., and at the Old Globe Theatre, San Diego



Feature Screenplays:

Como Caido del Cielo, 2019, a feature film that premiered on Netflix. The script by Freddy Diaz & director Pepe Bojorquez is based on the original Campion screenplay, which in turn was based on his stageplay Pedro Infante y la suegra triunfante.

Salsipuedes Street, 2017-22, in post-production; by Community Film Studio of Santa Barbara; an original story based on multiple interviews with immigrant families affected by deportation.

Code Name: Light Fire,  (Silveti Project) 1993-2016, with KeithClarke; based on the true story of a Mexican secret agent; optioned four times; currently in development with Esparza/Caldera Productions. 


Harrison Project, 2006, commissioned by Hoboken Entertainment.


Farmworker Project, Immokalee, 2004-6, non-fiction; research phase included interviews with immigrants in Central Florida and the state of Chiapas in Mexico; for Santiago Pozo and Arenas Entertainment.


Chupacabras, 2004, bicultural teen comedy, commissioned by Arenas Entertainment.


De Ida y Vuelta, 2003, in Spanish.


Breathhold, 1999, with Carlos Eyles; rewritten by T.C., 2002; optioned five times.


Regina, 1988, adapted from the eponymous Mexican novel by Antonio Velasco Piña.

 M.D., 1987, commissioned by Esparza/Katz Productions.


 One-Act Plays:
 Tantric Yoga, 2002-3 a monologue appearing in a long-running play of monologues entitled Cock Tales, directed by Debra DeLiso, L.A.
Toby or Not Toby,1988, finalist, Inner City Cultural Cen., L.A.
Inner Marriage, 1987, produced at Pasadena City College.

Other Writings:

    -   Ocean Heart, novel, 2022

​    -   El Paraíso de la Porky, novel in Spanish, 2022

    -   My Brother Superman, novel, 2019
Cambridge Confidential, novel, 2011

    -  Chief Raymond Belardes, In His Own Words, non-fiction, published privately, 2008.
    -  A chapter in Raising Humanity, non-fiction by Rhobbin Alexis; 2006
King Rat: The Humanizing of a Big City Rodent, a story for young people, 2002